Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Crate and Barrel, 2010
When my mom started having her children she started a tradition to buy us a new Christmas ornament each year. When we were younger we would usually just pick out the ornament we liked the best. But as we got older and started having hobbies and went on exciting trips we would collect ornaments that had to do with those hobbies and from our travels. As her children got older and weren't getting married, our Christmas tree was very crowded, with each child having 20 plus ornaments on the tree, with my youngest brother, Jeff, having his tiny hand print and poem front and center. When I did finally get married last year, I had 30 ornaments to take and decorate my own tree with. Each year, as I carefully unwrap and hang each ornament on the tree I am reminded of each story and memory that goes with it. Our ornament boxes are decorated with quotes, and memories of the goings on that year. Decorating my Christmas tree, either with my family or my husband, is my favorite Christmas tradition. This little trip down memory lane is worthy of this blog post because this year I got my first cooking ornament! I thought it was about time. I got these cute ones from Crate and Barrel and gave one to my mom.
Homemade Williams-Sonoma, 2010
I also had this little decoration from my birthday present from Brian. He bought it and had it wrapped at Willams-Sonoma. I cut the green ribbon from the package, tied it to the decoration and instant ornament! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Mine sure was fabulous.
Here are a few highlights from my tree:
Gondola from Italy, 2007
Big Bird, 1981, Tucan from Costa Rica 2010
Wedding Bride and Groom, 2009
Hand painted from Puerto Rico honeymoon, 2009
First ornament I bought Brian, 2008

Ballet slippers, 1988


  1. Awww, what a great post and what a great thing to have! I love my childhood ornaments too, and am very grateful I have them. Did you make fudge this year? I am looking for a good recipe.

  2. I didn't make fudge this year, but apparently it is another one of Brian's favorite holiday treats. So I need to find a good recipe. I think my aunt Sue has one. I'll get it for you.


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