Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday. Even more than Christmas, well, it's different. Thanksgiving is a fall holiday and I love fall, the colors, the baking, everything, and it's the beginning of the holiday season. We always had Thanksgiving with my moms side of the family, until my grandma passed away about ten years ago. (She was the best grandma, seriously. She could bake circles around me and my mom.) My mom then took over making the turkey and we celebrate with just our immediate family, with the occasional boyfriend or girlfriend sprinkled in over the years. We hang out, bake a lot, eat even more, play Rock Band, go to the movies, and fight the boys in the house to let us girls watch those cheesy Hallmark ones on TV. This year we were plus two husbands, and three step kids but no potential loves for my younger siblings. That's ok though, because they were completely distracted by the delicious turkey and sides. My mom is so funny. Every year she thinks the turkey isn't going to turn out, or not be cooked enough, or too dry, or that she won't get the side dishes done. And then she freaks out about the pie crusts. But every year it all turns out. In fact this year the pies were the best ever! My dad is the one actually in charge of cooking the turkey and deciding when it's done, and he and my brothers carve it up all beautiful for us. I'm kind of rambling, and I'm not posting a recipe since Thanksgiving has already passed. (I'll add them early next year when we're all ready to do this again.) But I wanted to share some pictures of my Thanksgiving and say thanks to my mom for always putting on the most amazing Thanksgiving meal. I'm glad I could help out this year and learn some more of her tricks of the trade. I've got to work on perfecting my rolls! I'm pretty sure she made three batches during the four days we were home. And I'm also pretty sure Brian at two of those batches!  Love you mom!

Stiles Family Thanksgiving Menu: (recipes coming)
Turkey (Stuffed)
Sweet potatoes (candied and regular)
Mashed potatoes
Green bean casserole
Cranberry sauce
Yellow jello
Pumpkin pie
Apple pie
Pecan pie


  1. That looks like one delicious meal. Oh wait, it was!

  2. It was very yummy! Thanks Mom, Dad, Mel, Britt, Gar and Jeff. Sorry I was sick and was not much help this year, and that I ate dinner in my pj's :)Love you guys!

  3. I want your mom's roll recipe!! I just had them the other night at the ward dinner and I forgot how good they are! When I come down I'll have to steal some more recipes from you!!


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