Sunday, November 7, 2010

Onesie Cookies

Back in July our dear friends Ryan and Heather had two beautiful twin boys born into this world, Drew and Dylan. They are the most precious things I've ever seen and they pretty much make me want to have a few of my own. On Saturday they had a baby blessing for the boys and we were invited. As a little gift for them I made them some onesie baby sugar cookies. I had bought the cookie cutter here back in July when the boys were born, with the intention of making them when I went to see them for the first time, but I never had the time. Anyway, this weekend was better late than never, and I was thrilled with how cute they turned out.

To save time I piped and flooded the cookies with white frosting so I didn't have to thin a lot of different colors. Then I made four different colors, blue, green, yellow and a tan, and used them to decorate the cookies the next morning after the frosting had dried. I got creative and each cookie was different. I did a I heart Mom and Dad, two with the letter D, and my favorite was a yellow outline with a yellow duck on it.

Once again I learned the lesson that the key to easy decorating is in the frosting. If you have the right consistency of piping frosting you'll have a much easier time and much better results. I had to mix the green twice, and I still didn't have it right. First it was too thin, and then it was too thick. I made it work, but it was definitely harder to use. I'll keep working on perfecting that skill. Below are the links to my sugar cookie recipe, and a royal icing question and answer tutorial blog post that is super helpful.

Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Tutorial from Bake at 350 Blog


  1. Mel,
    These are too cute! Too cute! Seriously I am impressed. Okay so my little Allie's birthday is coming up, Tinkerbell she wants, any cute ideas????

  2. Adorable! We found out a few weeks back that our twins are boys also :)

  3. Melissa!!! I just posted some pictures I took of the cookies. They are done in some really low light so they aren't the best (my will power couldn't wait for daylight). Thank you so much for these yummy treats!! You are so sweet and thoughtful to go through all the work and effort!! THANK YOU!!!

    P.S. Betsy, good luck with the twins!! It's a lot of work!!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful compliments!

    Shel-I searched google images for tinkerbell cookies and lots of pictures of cakes and goodies popped up. I'll email you some pics.

    Betsy- I'll see you and your pregnant belly at your baby shower! I'm so excited for you guys.

    Heather- I would love to see the pictures you took. Where did you post them?

  5. Mel these are darling--what a sweet gift


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