Saturday, September 25, 2010

Salted Double Chocolate Cookies

While I wasn't baking during the week this past month, I was still oohing and ahhing over delicious looking blog posts and making mental notes of what I wanted to make when I did find the time. While I was reading a favorite blog on mine, Annie's Eats, I came across these chocolate cookies that looked delicious. I love chocolate cookies and I'm always looking for new recipes. While I was reading her blog, I also found out that she just finished medical school and manages to blog everyday. So I should be able to manage by little school teaching job and blog at the same time!

Anyway, these cookies are very chocolaty. But the added salt makes them a good combination of sweet and salty. I love those treats! I did run into a bit of trouble with the recipe though. I made it as is, and the batter was very runny. I read a few comments and people said they let it sit for a while and the dough thickened. That didn't seem to happen to mine, so I added about 1/3 of a cup more flour, to equal one cup total.

Before the extra flour, the dough looked more like cake batter, even after I let it sit. See how it's very runny?

When I used my cookie scoop and put the dough on the cookie sheet, it spread out. These cookies would have been really flat with chocolate chips sticking up.

After the flour the dough thickened up quite a bit and started to resemble actual cookie dough. They cooked up great, and longer they sat, the better they became. Great second day cookies. So if you love chocolaty chocolate cookies give these a try. Here is the link to the Annie's Eats recipe and also the Martha Stewart recipe it was adapted from.

Salted Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Martha's Original Recipe

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