Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tres Leches

I've only had tres leches cake a handful of times, but have been dying to try one of my own. The tres leche name comes from the three milks that are poured onto and soaked up into the cake: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and cream. I love cake that gets soggy from ice cream, or soaked up in a nice syrup or sauce, so this cake is right up my alley. Toped with some home made whipped cream, and tres leches is a melt in your mouth kind of cake. I took this to my father-in-law's father's day dinner last week and it was a huge hit. Everyone wanted the recipe. I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman, so I'll send you over there to look at her step by step pictures (especially since I didn't have my camera during the first half of the cake making).

I found, after making the cake, that you don't need to turn the cake out on to a platter to pour the milk in. I didn't have a square platter that would fit the cake, so I just used a larger ceramic pan. But you could easily just keep it in the original pan, poke holes in the top, pour the milk onto the cake, and then frost. It probably looks a little better on the platter, but the taste will be exactly be the same, delicious! And this cake is pretty easy to make, but you do use your mixer a lot, to beat egg whites, egg yokes and again for the whip cream. This is one of those recipes that I wish I had a second bowl for my stand mixer. (Found out it's on sale at Macy's I'm headed over there today!) If you think you will would like this cake, give it a try, you will!

Tres Leches Recipe

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