Monday, March 14, 2011

Wedding Cake Sugar Cookies: Round Two

Two days in a row! Can you believe it? This is just a quick post of some pictures of the cookies I made to go along with the cupcakes of yesterdays post. My friend, Patty, saw a version of these cookies in a post I did last summer and asked if I'd make some similar for her sisters wedding reception, along with the cupcakes. I'm always grateful for the opportunity to improve on a project. This time around I opted for the same design on each cookie. I thought that would look better on display. I picked this simple, but, classic cake design. I made these Friday night and the cupcakes Saturday morning. Brian was out of town for the weekend, so my sisters came over and we made a night of it! 
We had a good system going. I would pipe around the outside, then Mikken would fill the inside of the cookie with frosting using a squeeze bottle. (As show above, although my brother Jeff dug that cookie out of our graveyard and had Mikk frost it for him.)
After the fill frosting was in Brittany would complete the fill by dragging the frosting to the corners with a toothpick. Thanks girls for all you help! And Jeff too- I didn't have any cookies left over!
After the frosting set I piped on the cake decorations. I still find making the frosting the right consistency for piping a bit of a challenge. But it all seemed to work out in the end.

One of the hardest things about this project was figuring out how to pack everything up so it could be picked up and transported to LA. To pack the cookies I went to my local Dippity Doughnut shop and asked if I could buy some of their flat bakery boxes. The cute little lady working there was a bit stumped because she didn't know how much to charge me. After about 15 minutes of her scrounging around in the back looking for receipts to see how much she paid, she sold them to me for 50 cents a box. She did tell me that the more I bought, the cheaper they would be! (I'll remember that for next time.) So I bought my four boxes and a cake doughnut with white frosting and sprinkles and I was out the door. The boxes worked great for packing, just remember to keep the flaps on the outside of the box. I chopped off the sides of a few of the cakes before I figured that out. It was a late night, but all turned out well. Thanks again Patty! I had so much fun.


  1. Mel, these are amazing. All of you did an amazing job!

  2. Sis, I had a blast hanging out with you guys and helping with your cookies. I love it that our family always has these little projects going on that gives us an opportunity to be there for each other and learn about each other's talents and hobbies. I had no idea that there was so much involved in baking before you started your bakery. I loved filling in the cookies. That's my favorite job. And apparently the only one I'm good at :) It's amazing how you outline those things! Thanks for letting me help! Love you!


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