Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jack O' Lantern Sugar Cookies

At school this week I got Booed! It's a cute little way to pass goodies and treats around during the Halloween season. Someone gives you treats and a Boo sign with a poem explaining that you should pick two people to pass treats and the Booing on to. I had seen this in a magazine or on a blog somewhere and wanted to start it with friends, and when I got it at work I was reminded of it. (For more on Booing visit click here.) I needed to pass the boo on, so I had to make treats. Monday night I set out to make my first Halloween treats of the season.

My pumpkin cookie cutter is pretty big, I wasn't prepared for how much frosting it would take to fill these babies! But it made for a great space for putting on the faces. The cookies really came to life with the faces. As Brian said, "pumpkins are fall, but jack o' lanterns are Halloween." So true! I read some posts on making black icing, since it was my first time. A few things to remember, it's going to dry a lot darker than it looks, so you can aim for a charcoal color. If you make it a day ahead it will darken up a bit, and then more when it drys. I would have liked the orange to be brighter and less pasteley, but I got a bit impatient with the coloring. Also, the gel food colorings are supposed to work better, and I was using the liquid drops for the orange. The completed cookies turned out pretty good though! I'm definitely going to be making some more sugar cookies with other Halloween designs.

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  1. These are so cute! Thanks so much for whipping some up for my little Primary class. They loved them. I had fun learning how to frost. I need to work on my skills though.


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