Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introducing: Print Friendly Button

I was thinking how easy it was for me to print off recipes from other blogs and recipe sites and how perhaps it's not so easy to print my recipes (if anyone out there is making them). So I started to do some research to see how I could get my own print friendly button for my site and I came across a few different ways to do it. Nothing I found was exactly what I wanted, but will have to do for now. I use to consider myself a bit of a computer wiz and felt very smart/special when my dad would call me up with computer application questions and I could totally help him. But apparently technology has continued to move forward while I have been in the kitchen and I'm not the wiz I once was, and my Dad doesn't call quite so often. Anywho, what I wanted the button to do was just allow you to print the recipe, and not the sometimes long intro I write before it. However, that's not going to happen, not this week anyway. (I'll keep searching for a way, leave a comment if you know how, please.)

This print friendly button, found at the very end of the blog post, will allow you to print the full blog text and pictures. Once you click the print friendly button a new little window will open and show you what is going to print. There is a box in the top right hand corner that says "remove images." Click that and it won't print the pictures, and you can highlight other text and delete it and end up just printing the recipe. Is all this easier that just highlighting the recipe and copy and pasting it into Word? Probably not. But I thought it made my blog seem more legit!

Thanks to these peeps for helping me figure it out. And my little bro.

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