Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Kitchen Gagets

I absolutely love Christmas morning. This year was especially fun because I got to share my Christmas traditions with my husband. He came home with me for the holidays and participated in our Christmas morning present opening marathon. With ten adults and three children all opening presents, in order, from oldest to youngest, the opening went on for quite a while. We don't usually get too early of a start, but with my brother-in-laws kids with us this year, we managed to get going around 9:30 am.

As I began to open my presents, one on each turn, I was very excited to see that my love for all things kitchen related had spilled over into my wish list this year. And many of those things were wrapped up beautifully for me under the tree. Below are some pictures and links to the new additions to my kitchen that I received from my loving family this Christmas.

William Somoma All-Clad Stainless Steel tool set
I received a few of these pieces from Brian. They are fantastic, they feel good, nice and heavy, and on the serving spoons and ladles are marked with ounces.

Cuisinart Food Processor
I received this from my mom. She was so excited to give this to me, and I was thrilled to get it! I feel like I'm getting closer to having all the major appliances. And although you can buy these a lot of places, I'll give the credit to Macy's. Me and my mom shop their sales like crazy. And in true Macy's sale fashion, my mom held out until their last One Day Sale before Christmas as managed to get this for $99! Talk about a deal. Thanks mom!

Crate and Barrel Laurie Plate, Footed Bowl and Cake Stand

Funny story about this gift. Apparently Brittany ordered this cake plate up for me online last Christmas, two day shipping to my parents house, and it never came. Then apparently it did come some time after Christmas and my mom misplaced it for about the next 10 months. I had wanted it last year, and was so excited to see it come back this year. Mom found the cake plate, and wrapped it up for me this year. Brittany got me six of those adorable dessert cups, so cute, thanks Britt! The day after Christmas I got online to order up six of the plates, but they were sold out online. So I called the Beverly Hills store and spoke with the most helpful, friendly sales associate, Jennie. The day after Christams I'm sure the store was super busy, but she checked the stock, shipping costs, and the balance of two gift cards for me. I got my order placed and they're on they're way to my house as we speak. Now I just need to whip up some amazing dessert worthy to serve up on theses dishes.

I also got some small stocking suffers like a new bread knife, a paring knife, a mini whisk that will be great for making gravy, a 2 cup measuring cup that will definitely make for fast measuring, and a OXO cookie scoop, I've been wanting one of those! Needless to say I had a wonderful Christmas and am so grateful for my family and my wonderful gifts. Now lets get back to the kitchen.


  1. you're such a cute blogger! I can't wait for your next post! Mikk

  2. Oh my! I've got to have one of those adorable cake stands. I've got a Valentine's Day party with my girlfriends coming up and it would look so cute on the table!


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