Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tourist in My Town: Pipeline

Another summer day bike ride took me and Garrett on a ride up and down Newport Beach. That is my favorite beach cruising spot. It has a nice paved sidewalk with beautiful sand and beach on one side and a variety of beach house on the other. As we drive by I tend to look at the houses just as much as I look at the beach. I like to pick out which ones I like and choose parts of each to build my dream beach house! It's been rather hot here lately, so as Gar and I were cruising around we felt the need for some refreshment.

My favorite beach food shack is Pipeline. It's located at the end of the Newport Pier, across the sidewalk from a nice grassy area. There is a small parking lot near, and quite a few other shops and restaurants around. Pipeline has a large menu with hot food, snacks, and a lot of cold treats. My favorite is the Hawaiian snow cone. It's a nice icey treat with vanilla ice cream at the bottom. As soon as I get it I start digging for the ice cream. I love the way the ice cream gets all mixed in with the cherry juice. Delicious. So if you're down that way and need a nice summer treat, stop on in.

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