Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chicken Terryaki Stir Fry

This is one of our favorite weeknight meals. It's really a no recipe recipe. You can clean out the fridge, use up all your veggies and it's super quick and easy. I cook the chicken first. I've cooked it a variety of different ways. Sometimes on the Cuisinart Griddler, other times just in the pan. I like it to get some good color on it, looks more appetizing. Remove the chicken from the pan, then saute all kinds of vegetables in some olive oil. I always start with an onion, then add some peppers, usually red. For some green color you can use pea pods, asparagus (our current favorite) or broccoli. We also like something a little crunchy, so I do bean sprouts and/or water chestnuts. Any veggies you like or have will work great, so just clean out the fridge and use up all that great stuff! While the veggies are cooking add in some sauce. I don't make my own, but we absolutely love Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce. It's sweet and savory, and it's amazing. It works wonders on the chicken (and other meat) as a marinade too! I use our rice cooker, and use Jasmine rice. I love our rice cooker. Brian's aunt gave it to use for our wedding, and it's a good one, works like a champ every time!

So there you have it, spoon some of the stir fry and chicken on top of the steaming rice, maybe a little extra sauce, and you've got a quick, easy, and oh so tasty meal. And it's easy on the waste-line too!

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