Saturday, January 9, 2010

Etsy Store

I decided to follow in my younger sisters footsteps and start an Etsy store. People really are selling all kinds of things on there. Brittany sold Christmas stockings, wreaths, and garland. People are also selling all kinds of home baked goodies. I figure if they can do it I can definitely do it, and this week I made my second sale! I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's a start. The first item I put up for sale were my cinnamon rolls, which I have totally perfected. I mentioned in the post about them that I had all those extra boxes, so I individually wrapped them up and sold them in groups of four. I needed to sell them by the half dozen, but I've yet to find anything to package them in, so those are soon to come. I sold the first order (of two) to a lady in Florida who wrote very nice things about me in my ratings section. The second gal was a local here in Newport Beach, so I hand delivered to her and she says she'll most likely be a repeat customer. (I'm looking forward to that!)

I've added to the rolls with a Valentine's Day collection of two types of cookies packaged and wrapped up all cute! A lot of people are checking them out, but no sales on the cookies just yet. Perhaps it's still early. I'd like to get a wide variety of items on there because, like I said, people are selling everything, and making a lot of sales too. Etsy is fun, a little side hobby. It was such a blast making the rolls and packaging them up for shipping. I'd love to do that full time. Visit my shop, if only to check it out, and you can heart me if you'd like!

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