Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Blog Post

My first blog post ever. I’ve wanted to start a blog since the end of the summer, but I teach school, so September is a bit of a crazy month for me. But now it’s October, things have calmed down, and baking season is upon us. I’m starting a blog for a few reasons. First, I got married this summer, and finally have my very own kitchen. Not to hate on the previous apartments with the numerous roommates I’ve lived with, but this is my very own. Well, I do share with my wonderful husband, but he realizes that it’s my domain. Along with my own kitchen, I finally have all the kitchenwares to go in it. I never wanted to spend money on items for the kitchen before because there was never enough cupboard space for it, or roommates would break it, loan it out, or sometimes it would just mysteriously disappear. So thanks to our generous friends and family and their wedding gifts, I’m living out my wildest kitchen fantasies! It really is everything I dreamed of. (I waned to call my blog “my first kitchen” but it was taken, along with about a thousand other names I tried.) But back on track, so now that I have my kitchen I’m so excited about, I have this overwhelming desire to share with everyone what exactly I’m doing in there, what is working for me, what recipes I’m trying, how they are working out, and what I’ve learned as a result. Most importantly, I want to share all of this with my mom, who is reason number two that I’m starting my blog. She lives about six hours away from me, and visits as often as she can. But when we talk it’s about what we’re cooking and how it went, what food network show we caught last night, and when, of course, we’re going to get together again. She is an amazing cook herself, is always whipping up something new and delicious. I owe my love of cooking to her. My sisters say I’m just like her, but I’m not, not yet anyway. I still have quite a few recipes to master before that happens.


  1. Ok, I did get a little teary eyed reading about you and your mom. I love your mom, and I have never had something from her kitchen that I didn't love! Good luck with the blog. I will definitely be reading! I love to cook new things too!

  2. Yay! So excited about your blog! I hope I was never one of the roomies that broke an appliance. So sorry if I was. :)


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